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  • Free insurance is available across the LEAF range, excluding Visia grade
  • The car must be purchased as new from an authorised Nissan retailer in the UK as a Private or Business vehicle purchase, and the insurance proposer the first registered owner
  • Offer only available in conjunction with the 0% APR 2 year PCP Nissan Finance Scheme
  • Customers must have ordered and registered their vehicle and their finance proposed within the campaign period of 10th April to 30th June 2017 to qualify
  • Customers have a maximum of 14 days from vehicle registration date to set up the policy. If set up is made any later than this the offer will no longer be valid
  • Customer meets all other terms and acceptance criteria


  • Free insurance is available for drivers 25-75 years of age
  • All drivers must have been a full resident in the UK for a minimum of 3 years
  • All drivers must have a Full UK/EU licence, held for a minimum of 1 year (provisional licences are excluded)
  • The proposer must have a minimum of one year no claims bonus (earned in their own name, as a named driver on another policy or whilst driving a company vehicle)
  • Up to one additional driver allowed per insurance policy provided they are within the acceptance criteria
  • The one additional driver can be added at the start of the policy free of charge, or during the policy term for an administration fee of £35, which is payable by the policyholder
  • One fault claim in the past three years is allowable in total across all drivers (a fault claim is any claim where a full recovery is not made from a third party - including fire, theft, vandalism and malicious damage)
  • No more than one minor motoring conviction (MW, PC, PL, SP, TS codes only) in the past 5 years per driver, all other motoring convictions are unacceptable
  • Non-motoring convictions are unacceptable
  • No driver shall have any medical conditions that should be notified to the DVLA that have not been reported to the DVLA (DVANI in Northern Ireland)
  • No driver to have been refused motor insurance, had special terms imposed or had a motor policy cancelled or voided
  • No driver to have been banned or under suspension during the last 5 years
  • Drivers whose employment status is 'unemployed' are excluded - this does not include unemployed due to disability, retired or housewife / husband
  • The customer and any additional driver must not be occupied, either full or part time as:
    • Personnel of Foreign Armed Forces
    • Musicians, Entertainers and all those involved with the entertainment industry including Film, Theatre, Radio and Television, but excluding solely manual or clerical workers
    • Professional Sportsmen or Sportswomen, Amateur Sportsmen or Sportswomen including Managers, Trainers, Agents etc
    • Foreign Students, Foreign Diplomats or Foreign Diplomatic Staff
    • Other occupations may be unacceptable and are subject to normal underwriting criteria


  • UK resident, excludes Channel Islands
  • The free insurance policy provides 12 months Comprehensive cover
  • An excess of £300 applies to all policies
  • All policies are issued with cover for social, domestic and pleasure (SDP) including commuting to a single place of work (personal business use may be allowed - please refer to Nissan Insurance before confirming cover)
  • The free insurance policy is not transferable to another person once the cover has started
  • The free insurance policy is not transferable to another vehicle
  • Driving licence checks will take place to verify that the disclosed address and convictions details are correct
  • Proof of no claims bonus will be required within 14 days after the policy has been set up - the policy may be cancelled if this is not provided
  • Any changes made during the term of the policy that falls outside of the eligibility criteria will result in policy cancellation
  • 12 months free insurance policies cannot be used in conjunction with any other insurance promotional offers, including Nissan Free to Go driveaway cover
  • Nissan Insurance reserves the right to cancel or void insurance cover if the policy is set up against a non-qualifying promotional offer or with inaccurate customer details
  • All criteria is valid for the duration of the policy


  • Before insurance is provided, you must be accepted for Free Insurance by contacting Nissan Insurance.
  • Retailers should check the customer's eligibility using the information shown above before starting the process.
  • The vehicle must be registered before the insurance can be set up
  • You have a maximum of 14 calendar days from vehicle registration date to set up the policy. If set up is made any later than this the offer will no longer be valid.
  • Set up of free insurance should be done by calling Nissan Insurance on 0344 335 2575
  • To enable policy set up, you will be asked to provide the vehicle registration number and Nissan Scheme Finance Agreement Number, along with all other information requested by Nissan Insurance
  • After Nissan Insurance have collected this information, they will contact you within 24 hours to confirm if free insurance has been set up
  • Within the first 14 days of cover Nissan Insurance will validate your policy against the correct Nissan Scheme Finance, customers who are found not to be on the 0% APR 2 year PCP scheme will have their policies cancelled
  • Only if the details you supply meet the eligibility criteria will your insurance be set up


You can cancel your policy by telephone or email. Nil premium refund or cash equivalent if the policy is cancelled before renewal.

Telephone: 0344 335 2575


  • Your Nissan LEAF Free Insurance policy will not automatically renew at the end of your 12 month policy
  • Nissan Insurance will contact you in the period before your policy expires to provide your renewal options